Tram today with delays

Due to a broken track, trams run irregularly now. Lines 51, 53 and 59 are also affected. In particular, the trams arriving at the main station are not shown on the displays at the plattforms. However, they depart from the stop areas A and L.

Bus no. 6 – departing from area F – also goes to the university.

Plan Haltestellen Mainz Hbf

Additional location: Heilig Geist

Within the last few hours all seats at the Weinhaus Michel are taken. This took us by surprise, really!

For sure it will be a wonderfull evening. Still no one should be left out. So we tried our best and found for a smaller group of up to 11 people an other nice location. The restaurant Heilig Geist.

So everyone, who would like to attend at Heilig Geist: Please send a mail to

Tickets: local traffic

In Mainz operates the MVG (Mainzer Mobilität) a system of reliable local busses and trams. Ticktes are available at ticketmachines at the plattform and the conducter sells them.
A single ticket costs 2,80€. But if your route ranges less than 3 stations the MVG offers a single ticket for short distances “Kurzstreckenticket” for 1,75€ (e. g. “Mainz Hauptbahnhof” – “Universität Mainz”).

Website of the MVG (German only).

Cover picture for Linked Pasts IV

"Warhafftige Contrafactur der Löblichen Churfürstlichen Stadt Meyntz" created by the artist Franz Behem in 1565 The cover picture chosen for the symposium Linked Pasts IV in Mainz is an early modern panoramic image of the city of Mainz called “Warhafftige Contrafactur der Löblichen Churfürstlichen Stadt Meyntz” created by the artist Franz Behem in 1565. The city archive Mainz very kindly provided this image.

The picture is continuosly used for media relating to Linked Pasts IV, like Eventbrite.

Call for posters ended!

We are happy to announce that a total number of 22 posters have been sent in and accepted for the poster session on 12 December at Linked Pasts IV.
All posters will constitute an invaluable thematic enrichment to the symposium.
Via e-mail, the presenters are now informed that their posters have been accepted and will be asked to provide further information as well as consider certain technical specifications.

Call for posters!

We invite the submission of posters presenting projects, current developments, and technological or methodological approaches to Linked Open Data. The posters will be on display for the entire duration of the conference, and will offer the perfect opportunity for informal networking. The topics illustrated in the posters will be also briefly presented to the audience on Wednesday the 12th of December. To apply, please send an abstract of 300 words in English to by October 14th.